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Periodontal Surgery in North Tampa

Healthy gums contribute to a healthy body, and surgical care can keep the them in top shape. Therefore, periodontists like our doctor are expected to be able to perform surgical procedures affecting oral soft tissue. Dr. Brian van Aelst performs surgical gum treatments in Tampa, New Tampa, Temple Terrace, Wesley Chapel, and beyond.


Pinhole Surgery for Your Gums

The pinhole surgery technique is an alternative to traditional soft tissue grafting. A small hole is made in the gums, which are then stretched over the front of the teeth. Collagen strips are placed in the widened hole to stabilize the gum flap. After a brief healing period, the gums are at a healthy length once again.

With the pinhole technique, our Tampa periodontist can improve your oral health without cutting tissue, suturing, or other invasive techniques.

Traditional Gum Grafting

Despite its range of successful cases, the pinhole gum surgery is not right for everyone who needs to recover lost periodontal tissue. In these cases, traditional gum grafting is the more successful solution.

Gum grafting starts with sterilizing the site of recession. Then, additional soft tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and carefully applied to the site with suturing. After a couple months of recovery, the graft will heal into the original tissue. Afterward, you will enjoy an improved state of periodontal health, general dental health, and overall bodily health.

Laser Gum Treatments

A dental laser sterilizes a targeted area of the mouth and precisely removes soft tissue from the smile. These abilities enable laser gum treatments to be an alternative or supplemental option in stopping the development of gum disease. The dental laser can also be used in frenectomies and gum contouring to encourage a more successful and expedient recovery.


A frenulum is a piece of connective tissue that holds an organ or a muscle in place. Each lip and the tongue have a frenulum of their own that keeps them stable. However, these folds can grow to be too short and thick, restricting lip and tongue movement. This condition makes it hard to eat as a baby and affects speech development in growing children.

Frenectomy can resolve these issues. Using a dental laser, Dr. van Aelst trims the thickened frenulum down to a more flexible size. The child who underwent a frenectomy can eat or speak more easily.

Gum Contouring

Some patients are born with too much gum tissue. This poses no threat to their oral health, but it does create the unappealing cosmetic image of teeth that are too short. To give patients a beautiful appearance that matches their actual health, gum contouring by our periodontist removes the excess gum tissue.

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Dr. Brian van Aelst offers surgical gum treatments in Tampa. Our board-certified periodontist is happy to help the immediate and surrounding communities recover from periodontitis. For more information about the gum surgeries we provide, call us today and schedule your specialty appointment.


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